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Having a motto of making our life comfortable and convenient, We have been offering chemicals and synthetic resins.
In addition, we propose and build a recycling systems for environmentally relevant products under the motto of "save the earth."

Main Products

From component parts to finished products

●Bioplastics / Recycled plastics

Although our lives have become rich and convenient, a recycling-oriented community saving the limited resources and energy is now required.
We have bioplastics (Biodegradable and Biomass plastics) shown in the below chart and environmentally friendly additives such as Biomass plasticizers as well as Biomass MB.
Through these products and as a member of CLOMA (Clean Ocean Material Alliance), we are enthusiastically engaging to decrease marine plastic debris.


Reference: Modified “プラスチック概況” (プラスチック資源循環戦略小委員会資料5、平成30年9月, Japan BioPlastics Association) by Showa Kosan Co.,Ltd.
Technical Terms:
*PVA: polyvinyl alcohol, PGA:Polyglycolic acid、 PBS:polybutylene succinate、PBSA: polybutylene succinate-co-adipate
*PBAT: Polybutylene adipate terephthalate, PETS:Polyethylene terephthalate succinate
*PLA:Polylactic acid, PHA:Polyhydroxy alkanoate, PHBH:3-Hydroxybutyric acid-3-hydroxyhexic acid copolymerized polyester

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