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Electronics Material Department handles a wide variety of products from upstream to downstream products. Based on the know-how of synthesic resin and chemical products we have been developing since foundation, we are contributing to our customers by providing flexible ideas in the areas of LCDs, boards, semicircuits and automotives. Other products are sold in response to the diverse needs of the industry, such as state-of-the-art electronics, printers, copying machines, smartphone and entertainment equipment.
We are also focusing on global procurement through alliances with leading overseas manufacturers. While customers shift and expand their production bases to overseas, we are strengthening sales activities and logistics in collaboration with local subsidiaries, particularly in Asia.





Main Products

● Specialty Functional Resins

Liquid crystal components, HDDs and automobiles field

● High-Performance Detergents & High-Performance Films and Sheets

Semiconductors, substrates and smartphone fields

● Rare Earth Oxides & Sol Products

Automotive and liquid crystal fields

● High-Performance Absorbent Materials & Tubes

Information devices fields

● New Energy & Materials

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