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The chemical industry, as a key industry, is steadily contributing to the development of Japanese economy. However, the content of the industry is continuously advancing in response to the changing times and the demands of the market. In response to these market demands, we offer petrochemicals, oils and fats products, surfactants, inorganic chemicals, and other products to manufacturers in a wide variety of fields. In addition, we utilize our wide range of information to develop business activities to solve various market problems.

Additive for paints
and inks

Additives for plastics, elastomers and adhesives

car wash line

Main Products

● Organic/inorganic chemicals

From basic raw materials to specialty industrial chemicals, etc., to the chemical industry

● Oil and fat products

Various fat and oil derivatives made from coconut oil, palm oil, etc.

● Surfactant

From general-purpose products to functional products for all industries

● Functional chemicals

A wide range of pharmaceuticals that encompass a wide range of industries

● Resin additive

Agents essential for the production of synthetic resins

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